JBay Beach House18 Pepper Street, Jeffreys Bay, 6330

Surf Spots in Jbay

Super tubes has made Jeffreys bay world famous however it’s not the only wave in town. The Western shoreline is dotted with right handers ranging from fast tubes for the experienced surfer to soft playful right handers ideal for long boarders and beginners. During South africas winter months May through August cold fronts track up the coast from Cape town bringing swell that wraps into Jeffreys bay. Perfect lines march in from the top of the point hitting each break along the 5 klm rocky stretch with different intensity. Westerly winds blow offshore holding the tubes open and the vision of these perfectly manicured waves peeling endlessly down the line is every surfers dreams. Jeffreys Bay gets waves all year round but is definitely more consistent in Winter due to these cold fronts. Water temperatures range from 15 to 19 degrees Celsius. Generally a 2/3 mm full wetsuit would suffice for the water temp, however the wind chill factor means hoods and 4/3 wetsuits are preferred at times. Booties for those who don’t mind them are worth wearing as the rocks are pretty rugged and getting in and out of the water at Super tubes can be a mission without them .

The Beach House is situated on the beach in the middle of all these breaks directly in front of the best section at Super tubes. The deck has a grand stand view of the best tube section at Supertubes

Kitchen Windows

A soft play-full wave ideal for beginners and long boarders. The wave breaks over a reef with pockets of sand forming a peak that offers a lef as well as righ. The right hand wave can take you all the way to the shore with plenty of time for cut-backs and even a barrel or two. An easy paddle out as well as in and you’ll find alot of younger locals enjoying this wave. Situated just to the right of Main Beach.

Magna Tubes

The line-up looks classic. This wave has a few sections which need to be negotiated. Sometimes it lines up perfectly, at other times it warps and sections just at the wrong time. Always a good place to escape the crowd, few people bother to check this wave when Supers is cooking. Entry and exit from a small sandy beach is pretty simple. On larger days it can get pretty gnarly with the sections being heavy and wide.


Living up to its name the waves bang onto a shallow reef and break boards with regular occurrence. Short hollow and at times intense right hand tubes offer a decent ride before shutting down onto some shallow mussel covered rocks. A face-off with a local is not uncommon, they like to ride here avoiding the Supers crowd so be prepared to show a little respect if you venture out. On some swells a fairly decent left peels off towards Magna tubes. On bigger days this wave can be the launching pad into a Super tube bomb, In fact it becomes the take-off area for the top guys who get enough speed to fly through the tube section and make it through into Supers.


No introduction required, this wave has graced the pages of many surf magazines over the years and is widely regarded as one of the best right hand waves on the planet. For years surfers from around the world have travelled here to live the dream and surf the waves of Supertubes. Rides of up to 800+ metres have been attained on good big days. Long tubes are the order of the day when its firing. Best ridden between 4-8ft but can hold bigger on clean swells. The take-off might not be too serious, but the need for speed is vital as the wave walls up and feathes 50 metres ahead of you, at times it can seem un makeable. So its foot flat from the get go, weaving in and out of tubes as you fly down the line just metres off the rocks. Ride a slightly longer board than usual this will give you good drive off the bottom turn and put you in better positions on the wave. Getting in and out at Supertubes requires some rock hopping. Get to know the key holes in the reef. If you miss them on the way in or out you could be in for a beating over the anvil shaped rocks not to mention the sharp mussels. So some choose to drift down the line and exit through the lower point. Time your entry and exit between sets or you’ll get unceremoniously dragged all the way down the point. The ride often ends with a tube section in front of the carpark where the wave doubles up and delivers an intense barrel. Surfers should be fairly competent before venturing out here. Paddling fitness is required as often a rip comes with the swell and it’s a long paddle back up the point.


A short tube ride down the line from Supers. Less intense and normally less crowded than Supers. However with one take off point and the short ride this break does not handle many people. On larger days the rip can get quite hectic and the paddle out quite intense, but the barrel that comes through is fast hollow and worth it. As with most of the waves along this sections of shore, it workds best on a low pushing tide. Access via the keyhole at point or the key hole at the bottom end of Supers.


Probably the most fun wave in J bay. Long, playful hotdog walls make this a longboard heaven. Also a great wave for intermediate surfers and youngsters. Rides of up to 150 meters can be attained. Under 5ft it really is an easy wave with no thoughts of getting caught inside or smashed on rocks. Access is relatively easy through a gully at the top. Paddling in at the bottom where the wave dissipates its energy before running over the rocks is also pretty easy.


The last bit of reef break before the an endless beach stretches off into the distance. At times forgotten and unridden. A racy right hand wave that can be playful when small. I have had days during gale force North West winds when the wave has turned on delivering solid 4-6ft rides with the odd good tube. While the paddle is pretty long access off the beach is pretty easy.

Surf spots nearby...

Seal Point - Cape St Francis

A right hand point breaking over rocks. The take off point shifts with the tide. This wave doesn’t get very big and is generally playful. Be aware of a few rocks that can pop up along the ride. A bit of rock hopping up at the top of the break to get access or an easy long paddle from the beach. Seal point light house sits majestically at the top of the point. Some great nature walks and mountain bike tracks along the coast in this area.

Seals Beach - Cape St Francis

Sand bottom Peaks along the beach. This beach is very exposed and catches a lot of swell so when J-bay is flat this is often the go to spot. Gets very good at times offering fun tubes. The paddle out is preet easy along the right side of the beach with the current sucking you out as you paddle. It offers a solid barrel when the banks and the tide are right with best conditions on the pushing tide.

Bruces Beauties - St Francis Bay

Famous and fickle. Requires big swell or a specific angle to get this wave fired up. Normally Supers would need to be maxing. For years the wave was regarded as the best barrel around. Unfortunately time changed things. The sandunes which once filtered sand into the break keeping the bottom shallow and the tubes open are now covered with expensive holiday homes and foliage. Today the bottom is often a bit deep in places and not as good as it was. However it still does have its days. A pretty good left hand peak just off the break is definitely worth a look on big swells.

Search into the unknown and perhaps you shall find more.